The series Rua Augusta (Augusta Street), under the overall direction of Pedro Morelli and produced by O2 Filmes for TNT, has been honored with the 1st Independent Production Award at Rio2C 2019. The award celebrates excellence in the production of independent content for TV and digital platforms in Brazil, and is designed to promote, generate visibility and strengthen the sector.

The award was accepted by director Pedro Morelli and executive producer and O2 partner Andrea Barata Ribeiro in a ceremony held on April 24 inside the Rio2C Convention Center in Rio de Janeiro. Here’s Pedro Morelli’s message:

Pedro Morelli e Andrea Barata Ribeiro – Rua Augusta premiada no Rio2C from O2 Filmes on Vimeo.

O diretor Pedro Morelli

O diretor Pedro Morelli e a produtora executiva Andrea Barata Ribeiro

Augusta Street is set in the night clubs of one of the most famous streets in São Paulo and deals with the underworld of drugs, prostitution and fun at any cost, where Mika (Fiorella Mattheis) has found a refuge and constructed a new life for herself, leaving her little known past life behind.

Under the overall direction of Pedro Morelli with episodes directed by Fábio Mendonça and Pedro Morelli, scripts by Ana Reber, Jaqueline Vargas and Julia Furrer, and featuring art directed by Fábio Goldfarb and photography directed by Rodrigo Carvalho and Dante Belucci, the series stars Fiorella Mattheis, Lourinelson Vladimir, Pathy De Jesus, Rodrigo Pandolfo, Rui Ricardo, Rafel Dib, Dani Glamour, Milhem Cortaz and Carlos Meceni.

The series reached 1 million streamings on Now, Net’s video on demand service, in April last year and was the most watched Brazilian TV series on the platform in 2018.

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