ANCINE and the Regional Bank for the Development of the Extreme South (BRDE) released Public Announcement Prodecine 8/2017 – Brazilian-Portuguese Co-Production for the Brazil of All Screens Program. This binational competition is being launched in partnership with the ICA-IP – the Cinema and Audiovisual Institute of Portugal and envisions investments equal to $ 600 thousand for four feature films that can be fictional works, documentaries or animations.

In Brazil the projects will be presented for the projects in which Brazilian production companies are acting as minority co-producers. The projects with Brazilian production companies as majority co-producers should be presented by their Portuguese partners in a competition held by ICA-IP in Portugal. Applications should be made using the FSA System by 6 pm on June 27.

The two winning minority Brazilian co-producers will receive investments equivalent to $ 150 thousand apiece. The same value will be invested by the ICA-IP in the two winning minority Portuguese co-production projects in a competition held in Portugal under the same conditions.

Look here to see the Public Announcement page of PRODECINE 08/2017 – Brazilian-Portuguese Co-Production.