Following the success of the webseries No Gogó (Living a Lie) and Na Lata (In the Can), released in September 2016 and January of this year, Antarctica is presenting a short film that in a certain way is a continuation of the previous plots. “No Boteco (In the Bar)” was created by the AlmapBBDO Agency and features characters from the first two webseries. The film directed by Quico Meirelles reinforces the central concept of the brand, “Coisa BOA Gera Coisa BOA (GOOD Things Lead to GOOD Things),” and will try to inspire consumers to form a chain of good actions.

In the story Marcelão, played by Rafael Portugal, loses his job and is cleaned out and has to live and work in Dulce’s Bar, which serves as the setting for the story. When it seems like his routine has been reestablished, he decides to help the owner of the fish shop by buying all its fish with money from the bar’s cash register. Risking ruining his relationship with Dulce and being forced to clear out again, he invents a fish ball with a touch of GOODNESS in the batter. The “Good Thing” little fish ball is a success and changes his destiny.

This short film features photography directed by Flavio Zangrandi, art directed by Gabriela Valverde, and editing by Renato Gaiarsa and Fernanda Bernardino. The production manager was Verônica Menezes, the post-production was done by O2, and the soundtrack was produced by S de Samba.