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Today October 18, during a breakfast meeting at O2, the Floresta Faz a Diferença (Forests Make a Difference) campaign was launched with the participation of 153 NGOs including: WWF Brasil, Greenpeace, S.O.S. Mata Atlântica (SOS Atlantic Forest), Instituto Democracia e Sustentabilidade (The Institute of Democracy and Sustainability), Instituto Sócio Ambiental (The Social and Environmental Institute), Instituto Refloresta (The Reforestation Institute), and the Comitê SP em Defesa das Florestas (The São Paulo Committee for the Defense of the Forests), among others. At the meeting 25 video testimonials addressed to senators were released with the intention of pressuring them to vote against the new version of the Forestry Code which has already passed the House of Representatives.

These videos feature well known figures such as Gisele Bündchen, Alice Braga, Wagner Moura, Rodrigo Santoro, Marcos Palmeira, Felipe Camargo, Fernanda Torres, Denise Fraga, Maria Flor, Felipe Camargo as well as various other actors, scientists, journalists and economists. Each person’s text was recorded using the person’s own camera, webcam or cell phone and was then sent to Fernando Meirelles, who with the help of O2 Post-Production’s Livia Portugal finalized these videos. It is a 100 percent sustainable campaign. Not a liter of gasoline was used.

In accordance with the new Code, approved by the House literally in the still of the night (the vote took place after midnight), the riverside forest can be reduced in half, the protection of hilltops is practically eliminated, the area of protected forest that each farmer must leave on his or her property is considerably diminished, and anyone who was responsible for illegal deforestation before 2008 will receive an amnesty. This text amounts to losing much of what has been gained in recent years. The protection of water, the regulation of the rain cycle, biodiversity, pest control, climate stability, or in other words everything that guarantees our lives and our economy is at stake.

To get yourself up to speed on this subject, look at the videos or sign the petition to the Senate at: While the agriculture industry has spent over 8 million dollars with its “I am Agriculture” campaign, our campaign is based purely on grassroots support. No one has been paid to participate. O2 supports the Floresta Faz a Diferença (Forests Make a Difference) campaign. We are agriculture too, but we are not inconsequential.