Lançamento (73s) from O2 Filmes on Vimeo.

Under the executive production of Fernando Meirelles, Brazilian cineastes Paulinho Caruso and Quico Meirelles and the Argentinean Sebastián Borensztein have produced short films for Toro Filmes, the first production company mounted in a pickup truck. The directors had total freedom in terms of their screenplays and the surprising results can be seen at, which is available in Brazil and Argentina, which also offers making of videos, interviews, exclusive scenes and the short film that presents Toro Filmes.

This activity is part of the Fiat campaign for the launch of the 2018 Toro, which was created by the Leo Burnett Tailor Made Agency. The “Brutally Handsome” concept, which seeks to combine the robustness and power of a pickup with the comfort and elegance of an SUV, can be seen in the short film directed by Alle Pelegrino which is already on the air.

The “mobile office” of Toro Filmes transported the cineastes from the large cities where they’re used to working to the country where these short films take place, offering the crew the space and technology they needed, as well as cargo space to carry their equipment and efficiently face urban and rural obstacles.

“Star Goat – O ruminante das galáxias (Star Goat – The Ruminant of the Galaxies)” was directed by Paulinho Caruso. “For sure this was one of the coolest and most fun projects that I’ve ever done in advertising, even in terms of the ambivalent relationship that this project has with advertising. It’s much more Fiat sponsoring a work of fiction. We had great freedom in creating our screenplays. This is very well done brand content,” he concludes.

You’ll find the complete technical specs of the short film “Star Goat: The Ruminant of the Galaxies” HERE.

“The process of shooting the film was very different from what we’re used to. We worked with a super-reduced crew in order to fit inside a Toro. To achieve strong, natural and dramatic results, we sought a very specific aesthetic that would help us tell the story from unusual points of view,” explains Quico Meirelles director of “Espresso”.

Check out the complete technical specs of the short film “Espresso” HERE.

“La venganza de Mamá Drone (The Vengeance of the Mama Drone)” was directed by Sebastián Borensztein (Chinese Take Out). “The drone is not just a technological apparatus in the film, it’s a character, a technology that has been imposed on us and is unnecessary in our lives, because it invades our privacy. The challenge of this work is to give a technological apparatus life and personality and turn it into a challenging and lethal character,” affirms the Argentinean.

Check out the complete technical specs of the short film “The Vengeance of the Mama Drone” HERE.

Director Alle Pelegrino brings a feminine point of view to the short film which was given the challenge of conveying the Toro’s “Brutally Handsome” concept. “I’ve always wanted to direct a car commercial and it was great to be able to do this with O2 and the Leo Burnett Agency and Fiat. I think it’s interesting and pertinent to see a high performance car commercial that’s made from a female point of view,” she adds.

Check out the complete technical specs of the short film “Brutalmente Lindo (Brutally Handsome)” HERE.