The short animated feature “Sob o Véu da Vida Oceânica (Under the Veil of Oceanic Life)” produced by O2 Filmes and directed by Quico Meirelles is part of the schedule of the 2017 Lowland Animation Festival – the Ibero-American Animation Festival of Duque de Caxias, RJ. The festival is also celebrating 100 years of animation and the program includes an exhibit about the 10 years of the Festival. It will continue through October 3.

In total 73 productions will be exhibited from Brazil and tem other countries: Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador,México, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela. The Brazilian films will include “Sob o Véu da Vida Oceânica (Under the Veil of Ocean Life),” by Quico Meireles (2017 Anima Mundi: Winner of the BNDES, Canal Brasil and Best Brazilian Short Film Awards); “Quando os Dias Eram Eternos (When the Days Were Endless),” by Marcus Vinícius Vasconcelos (Winner at the Havana Film Festival and the Brazilian Film Festival, among others).

Among the foreign films is the award winning Argentinean short film “Tanguito Argentino,” by Joaquin Braga (Winner of Best Short Film at the Hollywood International Film Festival and the Los Angeles International Film Festival, among others) and the Spanish short films “Darrel,” by Marc Briones Piulachs and Alan Carabantes Person (Best Short Film in the Animalada Festival and the Clermont Ferrant Short Film Festival), and “Morning Cowboy,” by Fernando Pomares (Winner at the Festival del Masnou, the Neum International Animation Film Festival and the River Film Festival).

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