The Pope, the new feature film by Fernando Meirelles, will be filmed on location in Buenos Aires and Rome. The film deals with the relationship between Pope Francis and his predecessor Benedict XVI, and it’s being made for Netflix.

The screenplay is by the Englishman Anthony McCarten. Jonathan Pryce will play Pope Francis, and Anthony Hopkins will play Pope Benedict XVI.

Englishman Mark Tildesley is the film’s production designer, and he previously worked with Fernando in 2005 on the feature film The Constant Gardener:

In 2017 Mark worked on the feature film Phantom Thread directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, which has yet to be released:

He also worked on T2 – Trainspotting, directed by Danny Boyle:

César Charlone is the director of photography for The Pope, resuming his partnership with Fernando formed during the films City of God, The Constant Gardener and Blindness, as well as countless other projects. In 2017, Cesar also worked on: the documentary Unseen Enemy, directed by Janet Tobias, which is about epidemics of the twenty-first century;

Red Trees, a documentary about the Nazi occupation of Prague during the Second World War, directed by Marina Willer;

And the film currently showing in cinemas, American Made, directed by Doug Liman and starring Tom Cruise: