Gisele Barroco, Quico Meirelles and Paulinho Caruso will direct the episodes of the second season of The Wise Ones, which O2 is making for Globo TV.

Directors Quico Meirelles, Gisele Barroco and Paulinho Caruso

Filming began on December 4 in locations in São Paulo and will last until the middle of January. The executive director of O2 Filmes Andrea Barata Ribeiro, who’s accompanying the filming, has sent us photos from the set:

Director Gisele Barroco, O2 executive director and partner Andrea Barata Ribeiro and executive producer Rafa Fortes.

The art director will be Valéria Costa, and the director of photography will be Ralph Strelow for the episode being directed by Paulinho Caruso and Alexandre Ermel for the episodes directed by Gisele and Quico.

The Wise Ones is a series created by Quico Meirelles for the Globo Network, and during the first season he divided the overall directing duties with his father Fernando Meirelles. The series tells stories about growing old and rediscovering oneself, and presents interesting plots and narratives that present the adventures and misadventures of one of the best phases of life. The first season was exhibited in April 2015 during the 50th anniversary of the Globo Network, and was a finalist in the 2016 International Emmy Awards hosted by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in New York. It was also shown at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2017.

The second season will consist of 3 episodes with screenplays by:

  • Márcio Alemão for the “Era uma Vez (Once Upon a Time)” episode directed by Quico Meirelles

  • Cláudia Sardinha and Bruno Mazzeo for the “Rosa” episode directed by Gisele Barroco

  • Antônio Prata for the “Os Gêmeos (The Twins)” episode directed by Paulinho Caruso