Photo by Guilherme Ayrosa

Filming of the second episode of the new season of The Wise Ones “Era uma Vez (Once Upon a Time),” directed by Quico Meirelles will begin on December 11 in locations in São Paulo. The screenplay was written by Marcio Delgado Alemão, and it features photography directed by Alexandre Ermel and art directed by Valéria Costa.

The series The Wise Ones was created by Quico and premiered in 2015 on the Globo Network, and it features an important phase of life and a talented cast.

Quico says: “The idea of doing a series about the elderly arose to some extent from my relationship with my grandparents and my feeling that there’s nothing on network television that deals with the problems of people of this age, and the chance to use older actors and people to carry these stories. So for me, from the beginning, it’s been very important to make something that starts a dialogue with these people and uses these older actors, who are still excellent actors and incredible people and haven’t had a chance to play main roles in dramas in years.”