Filming continues for the episode “Rosa,” directed by Gisele Barroco and written by Cláudia Sardinha and Bruno Mazzeo for the second season of the series The Wise Ones.

Check out these images of the filming.

Director Gisele Barroco alongside actor José de Abreu and actress Regina Braga. Photo by Raquel Toledo.


Director Gisele Barroco and the crew. Photo by Raquel Toledo.


Alexandre Ermel, Director of Photography. Photo by Gulherme Ayrosa


Director Gisele Barroco on the set of the episode “Rosa.” Photo by Guilherme Ayrosa

The Wise Ones is a TV series created by Quico Meirelles for the Globo Network, for which he was the overall director along with his father Fernando Meirelles during the first season. The idea of the series is to tell stories about aging and rediscovery, with interesting plots and narratives which present the adventures and misadventures of one of the best phases of life. The first season aired in April 2015 during the commemoration of the Globo Network’s 50th anniversary, and was also a finalist in the 2016 International Emmy Awards held by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in New York, and was also shown at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2017.