O2 IN 2017


It terms of being a very difficult year, ‘punk’ if you will, 2017 was more like Sid Vicious.

It was a terrible year for politics, disastrous for the environment, and irresponsible in terms of global warming. There was good sense in Sergipe in contrast to the cynicism and shamelessness of the Amazon. But there was a good side: we’ll arrive in 2018 less tolerant of impunity, less tolerant of harassment, and more confident in justice, with a thirst for renewal.

Every year Célia publishes her Stress Book, a joke that she invented decades ago that has become an end of year tradition here at O2. The Stress Book is a listing of totals of various types related to the production company which indicate the insane amount of work that we performed distractedly as the Earth revolved once again around the sun.

This time when we looked at these numbers, we were shocked by the miracle that they didn’t diminish in 2017. Part of this miracle has to do with the greater amount of work done for internet platforms. Another part certainly was the overall effort which was strong enough to overcome the trend predicted by the forecasts. Client services performed valiant service. Finally the numbers of the Stress Book didn’t diminish because a few years ago we began betting on producing content and we feel that this year this ship has finally come up to speed. The series of 2016 continued with new seasons for 2017, and there was even room for the creation of new series. We produced 54 episodes of series and worked on 5 feature films, in addition to the content we provided for companies. Telling stories appears to be O2’s vocation for the next few years. We’re becoming a kind of mini-studio and are establishing solid relationships with new partners, like we’ve already done with Globo and HBO. This experience in telling stories, this close relationship with screenwriters, and creative and dramatic artists, is already proving useful for our clients as well.

Reading the Stress Book, we also realized that we don’t just deliver a large volume of work. We also perform a large amount of work that is aligned with the values that we believe in and this gives us that much more satisfaction. The kind that justifies the effort we put into it. City of Men and Marighella are socially inclusive projects where the protagonists are black, something which is unfortunately uncommon in Brazil. The Johnson & Johnson’s commercial featuring a baby with Down’s syndrome and the Renner commercial with a socially inclusive view of deafness, makes this activity worthwhile. The series The Wise Ones is a tribute to the elderly, another group that lives in the shadows. Eu Sou Amazonia (I Am the Amazon), made for Google Earth, offers convincing arguments why we should preserve our forests. The documentary Sertão Velho Cerrado (The Old Savanna Hinterland), which O2 supported, was perhaps the most important film about this biome which is so threatened. It’s very good, after all, to be able to be part of the solution sometimes and not just part of the problem.

With a million thanks,

Andrea, Paulo and Fernando.

And with that, here’s Célia’s Stress Book for 2017:

O2 in 2017

We completed:

– 80 Advertising jobs;

– 16 Digital jobs;

– 28 Cinema jobs;

– 55 Post-production jobs.

Totaling 179 Jobs

Number of people:

– 1626 professionals in Cinema;

– 2880 professionals in Advertising;

– 38 screenwriters and consultants provided services for these Cinema jobs.

Days of work:

– 109 days of casting for Cinema;

– 2,085 acting tests;

– 182 days of video tests;

– 5,689 actors tested.

Total: 269 days of testing with 7,774 actors tested.

Days of filming:

– Advertising: 188 days;

– Cinema and TV: 253 days;

Total of 441 days of filming or 1.2 days of filming for each of the 365 days of 2017.

Actors in front of the cameras:

– Cinema and TV: 450 actors and 3,987 extras;

– Advertising: 1,610 actors and models and 4,938 extras;

Total – 2.060 actors and models and 8,925 extras.

Busiest directors:

Paulinho Caruso was the advertising director who completed the most jobs in 2017, with 13, followed by Quico with 11.

Number of pieces of advertising completed:

– 743 commercials for TV and the Internet;

– 953 versions;

– 124 vignettes.

Total – 1,820 advertising pieces.

Cinema and TV Production:

– 2 seasons of the series Amigo de Aluguel (Rent a Friend) – 10 episodes – Directed by Dainara Toffoli and Luis Pinheiro;

– 2 series of the series Assedio (Harassment) – 10 episodes –

Directed by Amora Mautner;

– The series Rua Augusta (Augusta Street) – 12 episodes –

Under the overall direction of Pedro Morelli;

– The 2nd season of The Wise Ones – 3 episodes – Directed by Quico Meirelles, Gisele Barroco and Paulinho Caruso;

– The series 13 Dias Longe do Sol (13 Days Far from the Sun) – 10 episodes – Directed by Luciano Moura

Total of 52 episodes.


Feature films completed:

Mulheres Alteradas (Disturbed Women) – filmed and currently in post-production – Directed by Luis Pinheiro;

Marighella – currently filming – Directed by Wagner Moura;

Malasartes e o Duelo com a Morte (Malasartes and the Duel with Death) – Directed by Paulo Morelli;

The Meaning of Life – currently in post-production – Directed by Miguel Mendes;

Exodus: Where I Come from is Disappearing – Directed by Hank Levine;


The Outras Telas (Other Screens) Group produced the Eu Sou Amazonia (I Am the Amazon) project, for Google Earth:



The great challenge of Entertainment in 2017 was to simultaneously conclude various projects that all had to pass through the same bottleneck, Post-production *.

(*For those who didn’t follow events here, in 2017 due to a series of circumstances, Post-production performed a volume of work that even two Post-production departments couldn’t do in a decent work environment. The pressure on them was incredible. They gave up their weekends, family and their own lives to complete all of this work. We created 24 hours shifts with catering services in the middle of the night. At 4 in the morning there were people passed out all over the place trying to recover to keep on going. It was a horrible party. But the department delivered! This taught us that we have to estimate the volume of work for each project better and improve our internal processes. We are eternally grateful to those who sailed on this (leaking) ship and promise that this situation will never happen again. – Andrea, Paulo and Fernando)

These are the projects that were completed:

Malasartes e o Duelo com a Morte (Malasartes and the Duel with Death);

– “Unraveling the Ocean’s Veil” – Animated short;

Psi – 3rd Season; 13 Dias Longe do Sol (13 Days far from the Sun);

Malasartes (Series);

City of Men – 6th Season;

Rua Augusta (Augusta Street);

Vade Retro.


O2 Rio:

To handle the extra volume of work, we concluded the renovations of the Post-Production Department in Rio de Janeiro. Now we have 20 editing consoles, 2 color correction rooms, and one of them is a screening room with 11 seats, as we also now have Special Effects and Conform Departments.

In O2 Rio we completed:

– 7 Commercials

– 1 series – City of Men

– 33 days spent on casting tests

– 19 days of filming commercials

– 11 days of filming for cinema

– We performed post-production for 19 feature films, 7 series and 9 projects for third parties.



– 112 days of filming preparation;

– There were 294 equipment reservations with 42,904 items available;

– There were 14,708 pieces of wardrobe and 29,801 props to meet the needs of all of the projects;

– 4,750 new pieces of wardrobe and 3,050 new props were added;

– And we furnished the new O2 Rio office. Thank God!!;

– Delivery and collection of material for productions in Rio de Janeiro, Minas, Porto Alegre and Curitiba with participation on all of the jobs in advertising and entertainment.


O2 Play:

– We launched a partnership with SpCine Play and the technological laboratory Hacklab and registered users to distribute domestic titles of various genres which are available for rent at inexpensive prices;

– Created and launched the distribution label O2 Play Doc;

– It now has an archive of 227 titles;

– We worked with 11 feature films;

– 16,500 films were rented and sold through digital platforms.


Health, harmony, good work and success for all!