The three episodes of the Malasartes series which aired at the end of December were seen by 74 million viewers.

The 6th season of City of Men which aired during the first week of January attained a rating of 23 points for Greater São Paulo and 25 for Rio de Janeiro. Record ratings.

13 Dias Longe do Sol (13 Days Far from the Sun), another O2 production which was made for the Globo Network, obtained an average rating 29.4 for Greater São Paulo, which was the second best rating for a miniseries shown on the network since 2001.

Vade Retro, a co-production between O2 and the Globo Network, aired in 2017 and has been selected for the Drama Series Days of the 68th Berlin International Film Festival and the Porto International Film Festival.

O2 partner and executive producer Andrea Barata Ribeiro says that: “We’ve been investing in improving our knowledge of fiction and drama for years. I think these numbers are the result of this work. This makes us very happy because in addition to consecrating this production company’s work, it strengthens Brazilian independent production as a whole.”

For us here at O2, these stimuli represent challenges for the works we have in development, including the series:

The Wise Ones – 2nd Season (currently being filmed/edited)

Amigo de Aluguel (Rent a Friend) (currently being edited)

Rua Augusta (Augusta Street) (with a premiere planned for March 15).

And those which have already been announced, which we’ll be working on in 2018:

– The 4th season of Psi, the 7th season of City of Men, the series Pico da Neblina, the 3rd season of The Wise Ones, and the feature film Pssica, along with various other projects in development which will be announced soon.

– The documentary The Meaning of Life (which is in the final phase of editing)

– The feature films Mulheres Alteradas (Disturbed Women) (in post-production) and Marighella (currently filming).

These are the current challenges that stimulate all of us here at O2.