Adriano Goldman, a friend and colleague of all of us here at O2, has won the British Academy Television Craft Awards – the 2018 BAFTA in the category Photography and Lighting: Fiction, for his work on the series The Crown, and the ASC award from the 32nd American Society of Cinematographers Awards for his work on the episode “Smoke and Mirrors” of the series The Crown. These awards given to the best examples of works by directors of photography in TV and cinema.

Director of photography Adriano Goldman with his award for the series The Crown. Photo by Anna Van Steen

For Adriano this award is special. He directed the photography for six episodes of the first season, including the pilot, five episodes of the second season, which tells the story of how Queen Elizabeth II assumed the English throne, and will participate in the third season which is currently in production. The Crown is a series produced for Netflix, with a budget of 130 million dollars, considered the most expensive in history.

Adriano won another international award for the photography of the 2008 Mexican film Sin Nombre (Without a Name) at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

Adriano Goldman in action on the set of the series The Crown – Promotional Photo.

In an interview published in the newspaper O Globo, Adriano talks about the importance of the ASC Award:

“- This award is special, because besides having a reduced number of voters, unlike the Emmy, it’s a category award, a recognition that comes from my peers. But you never know what to expect and we usually see that, more than the award itself, it’s the moment that precedes it during the nominations, that most benefits the competitors, because this is when their work is exhibited and commented on. In England, they have a habit of saying “Being nominated is winning, winning is politics.”

Adriano Goldman in action: award for The Crown – Promotional photo

Adriano began his career in the production company Olhar Eletrônico (Electronic Point of View), when in the 80s he made, together with his partner Hugo Prata, the unforgettable short film “E o Zé Reinaldo, continua nadando? (And Zé Reinaldo, is he still swimming?)”

For O2, he’s been director of photography for “Tombstone” and City of Men by Paulo Morelli, for Xingú and the series Sons of Carnival by Cao Hamburger, and the series and feature film Sound and Fury and the O2 co-production with Working Title Films Trash, as well as countless commercials.

The feature film 360 (2012) by Fernando Meirelles also features the photography of Adriano Goldman.

O2 feature films and series photographed by Adriano Goldman.

Director Fernando Meirelles and director of photography Adriano Goldman on the set of the feature film 360.

Two commercials released in 2018 by O2 feature the photography of Adriano.

Commercials photographed in 2018 by Adriano Goldman.

Congratulations Adriano Goldman! Hope more awards are on the way!!