The life, literary production and the thinking of the Portuguese writer José Saramago are portrayed in the exhibition “Saramago – The Points and the View,” which will open to the public on March 6 in the new space Farol Santander, located in the historic center of São Paulo. The exhibit will be open through June 3 and admission is free.

The curator of the exhibit is Marcello Dantas, and the videos of the exhibition are under the responsibility of Miguel Gonçalves Mendes, the director of the feature film José and Pilar, which portrays the life and romance of Saramago with his wife Pilar del Río.

The visitor will be able to see the writer’s personal objects, like the computer on which he wrote Blindness, one of Saramago’s well-known works which has been translated into various languages. This book was adapted to the screen to make the film Blindness in 2008, under the direction of Fernando Meirelles.

José Saramago is the most famous writer of the Portuguese language. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1998 and the Camões Prize in 2010. Serious, with very clear political and social positions, his works have fascinated and enchanted readers around the world. He was born in the village of Azinhaga, in the province of Ribatejo, in 1922 and was a member of the first Directorate of the Portuguese Society of Authors. The Stone Raft (1986), The Gospel according to Jesus Christ (1991) and The Elephant’s Journey (2008) are other recognized works by the author. José Saramago passed away in 2010 at the age of 87, a victim of leukemia.