The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development also known as Rio+20, which will take place between June 13 and June 24 in Rio de Janeiro, will feature films, videos, projections and installations made by O2 professionals.


On May 29 the directors Cassiano Prado, Caroline Leone, Dainara Toffoli, Gisele Barroco, Renato Amoroso and Rodrigo Meirelles, as well as screenwriters, editors, finalizers, producers, executives and support staff presented their progress to the director of the Brazilian Pavilion exposition Marcello Dantas in a special screening in O2’s projection room.


The result of all this work will be on display during the conference except for the three days from June 20 through 22 when the exposition will be reserved for those participating in the Rio+20 Conference.


Below are photos of a working meeting and an O2 crew during filming. 



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