The website Omelete reveals that Hiro Murai, the director of the video “This is America” by rapper Childish Gambino, has indicated that the film City of God by Fernando Meirelles was an influence in his creative process. The reference to the Brazilian film by Meirelles has to do with the sudden brutality and violence that the film brings to the screen.

The video “This is America” has already reached 75 million views since its release on May 5.

Childish Gambino | Director of “This Is America” cites the influence of City of God in the video

Hiro Murai also mentions the influence of the film Mother!

5/11/2018 – 3:17 pm – JULIA SABBAGA

Hiro Murai, the director of the video “This Is America” by Childish Gambino, talks about the creative process for this video and cites the influence of Fernando Meirelles. In a conversation with Variety about the idea behind the video, Murai says:

“Donald was the leader in terms of the creativity of the initial concept, because he knew what the song would be like, and I came in at the end of the mixing. But the creative process was like a hot potato of ideas up to the moment we were filming.”

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In terms of influences, Murai explains: “I wanted to make a video which takes place in the last 20 minutes of the film Mother!, or the same universe as City of God. It ended up being more about how to place images on the screen and what we wanted to emphasize, what tone we wanted to establish.”

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Cidade de Deus (Trailer) from O2 Filmes on Vimeo.