O2 has made 64 films, interactive projects and a website for the Brazilian Pavilion of the Rio+20 Conference. The directors Cassiano Prado, Caroline Leone, Dainara Toffoli, Gisele Barroco, Renato Amoroso, Ricardo Gorô and Rodrigo Meirelles worked together with a large team of researchers, producers, editors, and post-production specialists.


Take a look at some of the work on exhibit at the Brazilian Pavilion:


The first film, directed by Gisele Barroco, is called Invisible. Gisele told the site that:


Social inclusion is a fundamental theme. It was an enormous pleasure to get to know the people who came from all over Brazil to tell their story. Their integrity and truth and the presence in each of their looks touched me deeply, and made me think that human potential is incredible and that very little is needed to recover its dignity.



The second film, directed by Dainara Toffoli, is called Pigs, and was filmed on an agricultural property in Paraná:



The third film, directed by Renato Amoroso, is called Seeds. Renato told the site that: Seeds is an immersion film with four vertical screens and a fifth on the floor. The film talks about the transformations that have taken place in the environment and how we should deal with them in the future