Presented as a ‘youtuber’ in a series about marijuana on HBO, Daniel Furlan is appearing everywhere on TV

In Netflix’s Samantha with Emanuelle Araujo

Daniel Furlan is one of the names that has been announced by HBO for the series Pico da Neblina (Misty Peak), produced by O2 Filmes, which envisions a São Paulo in which marijuana has been legalized. This marks the debut of the protagonist played by Luis Navarro, who was selected through videos that O2 requested via the internet, after describing the series’ male profile of interest.

Furlan will play Vini, his best friend, marking yet another time that he is appearing as a supporting actor. And he has appeared so often in a supporting role, that it seems more desirable. He’s become sort of a leading supporting actor.

Even though O2 announces him as a “youtuber,” and he has in fact appeared on the channels TV Quase and Amada Foca, Furlan has also appeared on various TV channels.

He appeared in the last programs of MTV Brasil UHF (5 years ago) – in The Last Show on Earth, created by him and Juliano Enrico. Furlan is an actor, comedian, director, screenwriter, musician and cartoonist.

He has almost been like Wally in various series on Pay TV – such as The Kibe Show on TBS, where he appears as an unruly inconvenient producer, and the award winning Lady Night on Multishow.

On TBS, Furlan starred with Antonio Tabet, the crazy Kibe. On Multishow, he interacts with Tata Werneck in skits that appear between the interviews. His humor is based on the cynicism with which he does the most absurd things without laughing on-camera. Furlan also works on the great animation Irmão do Jorel (Jorel’s Brother) together with Juliano Enrico on the Cartoon Network.

Recently he appeared in Samantha, the first Brazilian comedy on Netflix.

Misty Peak also stars Teca Pereira, Bruno Giordano and Maria Zilda.

There will be ten one-hour episodes.

The plot revolves around a young drug trafficker from São Paulo named Biriba, who decides to leave behind his life of crime and use his knowledge to sell his product legally together with his inexperienced partner Vini (Furlan).

To stay within the law, Biriba will have to deal with the weight and pressure of his past and various traps that exist in the world of business.

Fernando Meirelles and Quico Meirelles are the overall directors, and Luis Carone and Fernando Pesavento will also direct episodes. An original series of HBO Latin America (which means that it was made without public financing), it is being produced by Luis F. Peraza, Roberto Rios and Eduardo Zaca of HBO Latin America Originals, and Fernando Meirelles, Andrea Barata Ribeiro and Bel Berlinck of O2 Filmes. The series is being written by Chico Mattoso, Mariana Trench, Caue Laratta and Marcelo Starobinas. It should premiere next year.