O2 Filmes salutes spring and highlights the work of the entertainment area, which is full of novelties.

In partnership with Universal TV, the series Amigo de Aluguel (Rent a Friend) is on the air. Created by Dainara Toffoli and Josefina Trotta, it was written by Dainara, Felipe Santangelo, Josefina Trotta, Julia Priolli and Pedro Riera, and Dainara and Luis Pinheiro are the overall directors, dividing the directing of the individual episodes with Max Calligaris. It features art directed by Fábio Goldfarb and photography directed by Elcio Alemão and Alexandre Samori.

New episodes air every Sunday night at 11 pm on the Universal Channel.

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Also, the TNT Series channel is airing reruns of the series Rua Augusta (Augusta Street). It’s a co-production between O2 Filmes and the TNT channel and was written by Ana Reber, Jaqueline Vargas and Julia Furrer, and directed by Pedro Morelli and Fábio Mendonça. It is based on the Israeli series Allenby St., and it consists of 12 half hour episodes. TNT Series exhibits 2 episodes in order every Sunday at 11 pm.

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In cinemas, Coração de Cowboy (Cowboy Heart), directed by Gui Pereira and distributed by O2 Play, will premiere on September 27. This feature film is based on the hit “Evidence” by the country duo Chitãozinho and Xororó, and tells the story of Lucca, a young musician passionate about country music. It will appear in sneak previews in 49 cities throughout Brazil between September 21 and 23.

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In partnership with the Globo Network, the series Assédio (Harassment) is available on the streaming platform of the GloboPlay channel. Written by Maria Camargo and directed by Amora Mautner, the series’ producers are Andrea Barata Ribeiro and Bel Berlinck, and the executive producer is Wellington Pingo. The mini-series features photography directed by Marcelo Trotta, art directed by Valdy Lopes, and costumes designed by Cassio Brasil. The O2 crew also includes assistant director Sofia Beer, make-up artist Mary Paiva, and casting director Guilherme Gobbi.

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Enjoy this spring with O2 entertainment.