With films and series on his resume the director of Porta dos Fundos (Back Door) is in demand for advertising

Co-founder of Porta dos Fundos (Back Door), the director of the group, Ian SBF is blazing a path that is the opposite of most cineastes and TV directors who have accumulated laurels, awards and good reviews for their artistic works.

Instead of making advertising a springboard to producing content, as has occurred with professionals in the main Brazilian production companies, Ian is dedicating himself to advertising now, with more than enough scenes and income to pay his bills. It’s obvious that the money is good and no one turns it away, but this is not someone who’s doing commercials just to pay the bills that don’t stop arriving below his door.

With two films in his resume as well as a bunch of short films for his group’s internet channel, and at least two series that he creates and directs, this year Ian has begun a career as a director of commercials for O2, Fernando Meirelles’s production company, which is always referenced as one of the largest in the country.

When we spoke, he had already done three commercials, but just one which is on the air can be mentioned, that commercial in which Lucas Jagger, son of Luciana Gimenez, comforts the protagonist of the series Sex Education on Netflix, about what it’s like to be embarrassed by your mother.

Ian believes that humor, an element present in almost everything that he’s done up until now as a director, is what motivated O2 to hire him to direct commercials, but not just that. His ability to direct actors also weighed in his favor.

“I think what I bring most, obviously, is humor and this is what I’ve been doing for 10 years because of Porta dos Fundos (Back Door), but I’m also seen as someone who works well with actors,” he says on a TelePad conversation: “Besides humor, working well with actors is a good thing.”

The need to please a different public with different messages with every work seems like a good challenge to him. Up until now, Ian had only directed one commercial Clarice Falcão for Natura. “I’ve taken the opposite path doing advertising, because I think it’s challenging and it’s a way for me to grow as a director.”

We need to remember that the career path of directors like Fernando Meirelles, or at Andrucha Waddington’s Conspiração, Claudio Torres and Bruno Silveira, took place in a different context before the internet and before all the incentive laws constructed a new audiovisual market in Brazil. At the time they formed their production companies, the only viable path was producing commercials, which led them to first do commercials and then take on entertainment content.

Meanwhile, Ian has made his name creating relevant content for the internet due to an audience that has transformed Porta dos Fundos (Back Door) into one of the largest portals in the world. The inverted path in this case is a strong indication of how much things have changed in the audiovisual landscape.