The recommendations this week come from Marcelo Escañuela, art director of the films A Busca (The Search) by Luciano Moura and The Famous and the Dead by Esmir Filho, theatrical plays and many commercials; from Bruno Ricci, assistant coordinator of production at O2; and from Verônica Julian, the costume designer for VIPs by Toniko Mello, Xingu by Cao Hamburger, and Som e Fúria (The Sound and the Fury), the series produced by the Globo Network, along with countless theatrical plays and commercials.


Marcelo Escañuela is a cyclist who enjoys going to the center of the City of São Paulo and wants to let all his friends at O2 know that this Sunday the city bike paths will be expanded to include Praça Dom José Gaspar.




Now the journey by bicycle includes all of Avenida Paulista and is now linked to the historical center of the city through the Vergueiro – Liberdade section which connects Praça Oswaldo Cruz and Praça João Mendes.


Ciclofaixa - Theatro Municipal  Ciclofaixa - Páteo do Colégio


Cyclists can continue on to the Páteo do Colégio (Schoolyard), the Viaduto do Chá (Tea Viaduct), and the Theatro Municipal (Municipal Theater) and on Sunday they’ll be able to go as far as Praça Dom José Gaspar, located behind the Biblioteca Municipal Mario de Andrade (Mario de Andrade Municipal Library). The square has been refurbished and now features the Piano na Praça (Piano in the Square) program sponsored by the Secretariat of Culture.


Ciclofaixa  Ciclofaixa


For more information about the bike paths and other routes access the official website HERE.


Bruno Ricci’s recommendation is for all those who enjoy video games: the 2012 Brazil Game Show, the largest electronic games fair in Latin America, which is taking place in São Paulo at the Expo Center Norte and will continue through Sunday, October 14. 


Brasil Game Show


At the fair there will be stands from the main game makers presenting new releases and previews of future releases, as well as game professionals and producers from all over the world, in addition to competitions and tournaments.


Brasil Game Show

Video of the 2011 edition of the Brazil Game Show


Tickets are available at the Expo Center Norte, which is located on Rua José Bernardo Pinto 333 in Vila Guilherme. The event offers free transport from the Tietê subway station to the event. To find out more about the 2012 BGS, visit its official website HERE.


Verônica Julian’s recommendation is a double bill of operas never before staged in São Paulo, Violanta and  A Florentine Tragedy. The director is Felipe Hirsch, and the set design is by Daniela Thomas and Felipe Tassara. It features the Metropolitan Symphonic Orchestra and the Lyric Chorus conducted by Luis Gustavo Petri and the sopranos Céline Imbert and Eiko Senda.



Photo by João Caldas


Violanta and A Florentine Tragedy were written in the twentieth century and take place respectively in fifteenth century Venice and sixteenth century Florence. The two operas are traditionally performed together and are strongly influenced by Wagner, Mahler and Strauss as well as German opera from the beginning of the twentieth century.


Violanta  Uma Tragédia Florentina

Photos by João Caldas


The operas will be presented on October 12, 13, 16, 18, 20 and 21 at the Theatro Municipal, which is located at the Praça Ramos de Azevedo in the República neighborhood. More information is available HERE.


Verônica recommends the program and says, “Go and see it and you’ll be proud of what I’ve done. It really turned out beautifully, but it was a lot of work!”