Pre-production is underway for Destino RJ (Destination Rio de Janeiro), which O2 will produce during the first half of this year for HBO.


The six episodes of the series will be filmed in Rio under the overall direction of Fabio Mendonça and will tell the stories of characters from a variety of nations: Greece, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and countries in Eastern Europe.


Casting and location research is being conducted by the team based in O2’s Rio office.


The directing of the individual episodes will be divided between Fabio and O2 directors César Charlone and Paulinho Caruso. Cássio Amarante will direct the production design and the photography will be directed by Marcelo Trota and Gustavo Hadba.


Fabio Mendonça tells us that the focus of the episodes for this second season of Destino (Destination) will be different. Instead of telling the stories of immigrants located in a particular neighborhood, in Destination Rio de Janeiro the city will be more present and some of the episodes will focus more on the ocean than the life and happenings that occur on the beaches and the sidewalks. Two of the episodes will be “stories of the sea” which is the entry and exit point for the city. One story will involve commercial navigation, and the other will be about sailors.