Filming for the fictional series Beleza S.A. (Beauty Inc.), which O2 is making for the GNT Channel, will begin on April 15. The series, which was created by Andrea Barata Ribeiro and Marcio Alemão, mixes drama and humor and analyzes beauty, aesthetics, and the exaggerated techniques employed in the search for perfection and eternal youth.

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The screenwriters are Nina Crinz and Pedro Furtado, the production and set design are being directed by Fred Pinto, and the photography is being directed by Alexandre Samori.

The series will consist of 13 episodes which will be filmed at O2’s studios in Cotia, under the overall direction of Fabrizia Pinto. O2 directors Kitty Bertazzi and Rodrigo Meirelles will also direct several episodes. 

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   The photos above show the finishing touches being put on the sets.