To show a different gaze, feminine and bold at once, in an advertising campaign focusing a car. This was the challenge proposed by director Paola Siqueira of O2 at the beginning of the shootings of a commercial about Meriva Easytronic, a new release by General Motors.


The creative direction was in charge of Adriana Cury and Erick Sulzer, who had the assistance of Fernand Machado and Carlos Bertuol. The direction of photography was designated to Ralph Strelow, while Kiko Costa was responsible for the art direction.


The launching campaign of the new Meriva was in good hands. “I just love to drive. I’ve always liked cars, what is not so obvious among women”, Paola admits. She says that she built the character who describes the new items of the car very carefully. “She goes against the masculine view about the feminine gaze. Instead of investing in sweetness, the character has a different feminine gaze. Photography, her shoes, her gestures, everything contributed to create the image of a modern, determined woman”.


The decision to invest in femininity is evident in the appeal of the commercial. The hybridity of the easytronic system, which operates manually and automatically, is subject to an analogy with the versatility of the products of Maria Bonita brand. “Because the Meriva has a vast inner space that can accommodate families and a lot of luggage, it appeals to women”, diz Paola. “That’s why the commercial refers to the brand’s clothing in jeans, which is hybrid since it has removable sleeves”, she explains.