Filming Wraps Up for Destination Salvador


destino salvador

Director Luciano Moura and actors Gilberto Alves from Cabo Verde and Jasminy Januarioh from Angola


Filming has wrapped up for the third season of the Destino (Destination) series produced by O2 for HBO. The new Destination season takes place in Salvador and continues the concept of telling fictional stories of foreigners who decide to live permanently or for awhile in a Brazilian city.


This time characters from Lithuania, Mozambique, Colombia, Portugal, Germany and France and their views about the city will be depicted in surprising stories.


The episodes are being directed by Fabio Mendonça, Luciano Moura, Nando Olival, and Rodrigo Meirelles, and the executive producer is Cris Abi. The screenplays were written by Teo Poppovic, Felipe Braga, José Belmonte and the duo of Pablo Padilha and Cris Gualda.


The first two seasons took place in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


Now we just have to wait until the series goes on the air!