Kitty Bertazzi Directs Café Damasco Commercial with Fernanda Lima and Rodrigo Hilbert



Café Damasco, a coffee brand from the South of Brazil, is launching a new campaign created by the J. Walter Thompson agency and directed by Kitty Bertazzi of O2 Filmes.


In the commercial, the couple of Fernanda Lima and Rodrigo Hilbert are worried that their dog has disappeared. But the pooch soon returns once he smells the aroma of Café Damasco.


“The campaign emphasizes the close, solid relationship that Damasco has established with its consumers. We’re proud to produce the coffee that the people of Paraná love,” states Ricardo Souza, director of marketing for JDE, which controls Café Damasco. “The emotional tone of the commercial which distinguishes the return of Damasco to the media, underlines our tradition and the values that we’ve adhered to over the last 60 years,” he concludes.


The Damasco campaign will appear on Network TV all over the State of Paraná and also in the city of Joinville in Santa Catarina.


Watch the commercial below!

Technical Specs

Agency: J. Walter Thompson

Client: JDE Coffee

Product: Café Damasco

CCO of J. Walter Thompson: Ricardo John

Head of Art: Fábio Simões

Creative Director: Mariana Borga

Script: Marcel Ares e Ricardo Souza

Art Director: Pablo Lobo

Client Services: Lilian Chwartzmann, Lucas Castro, Mariana Arvelos and Sabrina Zajakoff

Media: Camila Rodrigues, Lucas Cavalcante and Débora Franco

Planning: Fernand Alphen, Mariana Quintanilha and Juliana Maaz

Director of RTV: Marcia Lacaze

Producer of RTV: Ana Mello

Production Company: O2 Filmes

Director: Kitty Bertazzi

Director of Photography: Marcelo Durst

Executive Producer: O2 Filmes

Art Director: Clo Azevedo

Client Services: Rejane Bicca/ Luiza Teani

Editing: Rogerio Ferreira Alves

Post-Production: Ricardo Kertesz