Nando Olival Directs Gisele Bündchen in the New Sky Commercial


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Created by the FCB Brasil Agency, the new Sky commercial was directed by Nando Olival and produced by O2 Filmes. Based on the concept “SKY – Your Home is Paradise,” the first commercial of the campaign “Chegar em casa (Arriving home)” features Gisele Bündchen in the role of the mother of a family who feels relieved to return home from work and gather together with her family in front of the TV.


To maintain the quality of a super-production, which is a signature of this brand’s campaigns, a life size two storey house was constructed for the commercials with Gisele Bündchen. All told the project involved more than 200 professionals to complete the entire production.


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Technical Specs:


Title: Paraiso SKY

Product: SKY

Agency: FCB Brasil

CCO: Joanna Monteiro 
Creative VP: Max Geraldo

Creative Directors: Adriano Alarcon and Carlos Schleder 
Creative Commercial Team: Camila Souza and Sofia Calvit

Creative Print Team: Adriano Alarcon, Carlos Schleder, Camila Souza and Sofia Calvit

Art Buyer: Tina Castro and Daniel Gonçalves

3D Illustration: Lightfarm Brasil

Photographers: Ricardo Barcellos and Lucio Cunha

Image Treatment: Paulo Oliveira and Rodrigo Cortez

Graphic Production: Diego Bischoff and Daniela Fonseca
Media: Alexandre Ugadin, Vinicius Loschiavo, Camila Fiuza, Germano Oliveira, Monica Oliveira and Marina Signori.

Client Services: Mauro Silveira, Pedro Fuhrer, Lucas Rodrigues, Georgia Carvalho,  Renata Batalha and Camila Rossignolo

Planning: Raphael Barreto, César Fuster, Bruno Cantarim, Rafael Gonçalves, Carol Valentim and Fernanda Xavier.

RTV: Charles Nobili and André Fonseca

Image Producer:  O2 Filmes

Director: Nando Olival

Client Services: Rejane Bicca, André Gustavo and Kel Rocha

Post-Production Coordination: O2 Filmes

Director of Photography: Adolpho Veloso

Art Director: Larissa Cambaúva

Editing: Deo Teixeira

Post-Production: O2 Filmes

Sound Production: Tesis

Client Approval: Agrício Neto, Marcelo Miranda and Claudia Benvenuti