Director Kitty Bertazzi Shares Details of the Super-Production Maggi Commercial


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The new Maggi commercial already has 1.5 million views on the social networks. Filmed over six days in three different locations, the commercial depicts a family’s daily life in the kitchen from the ’70s up to the present day. Director Kitty Bertazzi shares details from the production in our chat below.


This Maggi commercial is touching. How did you manage to create this emotional tone?
The script written by Pereira & O’Dell already had a touching idea: to remember family lunches in an environment that everyone recognizes, the kitchen. Who hasn’t had memorable moments in a kitchen? The idea was to break down the script and come up with real scenes which people would identify with. I think this is what touches people. Everyone can identify with it in one way or another, remembering vivid moments with their own families. It’s important also that they’re not just happy moments. Having pre-production that was focused on finding a very creative and natural cast also helped, as did the decision to give the actors a lot of leeway in their performances. At times it seems like a real family.


The commercial was filmed over six days. What were the biggest challenges in completing this production?

The commercial “Mesa (Table)” was shot in five days. The sixth day was used to make another commercial with the same family that should be launched in November. I think it scares people when we say five days. That seems like a lot for just one commercial, but because we had to adjust the locations, the objects, the costumes, and the makeup for each different time period, it gave us less time. I think this was the greatest challenge, making subtle changes in the art, the costumes and the makeup for each timeframe. When you depict a time period, the tendency is to be totally faithful to it during the production. But those who were living in the ’70s didn’t just have recent objects, they had other objects that they’d accumulated from previous periods. We didn’t want the time period to become the focus of the commercial. The focus of the commercial is the family. That’s why I had marvelous art, costume and makeup specialists. This was the greatest challenge, passing from one phase to another in a subtle manner. The decision to give the actors a lot of leeway was also a challenge, because it takes much more time that way. The idea was to put them at ease on the set and “steal moments.” We filmed so much that we ended up creating three more commercials, which are from the point of view of different family members.


The commercial tells the story of the everyday life of a family from the ’70s to the present day. What did you use to show this passage of time?

When we began to discuss the idea of the passage of time, we decided straight out to work without post-production effects. Since we wanted a very fluid commercial, we thought that effects would weigh it down, making it lose its naturalism. So each transition was studied, but all occur using simple cuts. It was important to make the first transition very clear so that people would understand that this was the same girl. We used other cuts to depict the passage of time, but always without using special effects.

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