São Paulo, January 2016 – The film Zoom, directed by Pedro Morelli, has been announced as an official selection for the 31st annual Guadalajara International Film Festival in Mexico. The festival will take place in various parts of the city from March 4 through March 13.


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The film, a co-production between O2 Filmes and the Canadian production company Rhombus Media, will premiere in Brazilian cinemas on March 31 and stars Gael García Bernal, Alison Pill, Mariana Ximenes, Don McKellar, Tyler Labine, Jennifer Irwin and Jason Priestley. Zoom has been shown in various international festivals including Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and the Ithaca, New York Fantastic Film Festival.


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The screenplay by Matt Hansen weaves together three apparently distinct but linked stories about a comic book writer, a novelist and a film director. Emma (Alisson Pill) works in a sex doll factory and in her spare time she’s drawing a comic book story which tells the story of Edward (Gael García Bernal), an arrogant film director who has a debilitating secret about his anatomy. This director in turn is directing a film about Michelle (Mariana Ximenes), an aspiring writer who leaves Brazil, abandoning her modeling career. Finally, Michelle is writing a book about Emma, who works in a sex doll factory.

“The film is a metalingual adventure which traps the viewer in a cycle of crisscrossing stories,” declares director Pedro Morelli. Zoom will be distributed in the United States by Screen Media Films.

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