Check out the new Sky commercial “Bruxa (Witch),” created by the FCB Brasil Agency. It was directed by Nando Olival and features photography by Adolpho Veloso and art directed by Fred Pinto.


This commercial required the assembling of a special post-production team. The editor was Deo Teixeira, the effects supervisor was Sandro Di Segni, the compositing supervisor was Thiago Corá, and the post-production was done by Gaucho. The coordinator of the art department is Ton Ruey, and the art concept director is João Bizzaro. The 3D modeling department coordinators are Lucas Papini and Radamés Araújo. The animation was done by Alexandre Martins, the FX were done by Michel Zigaib and the color correction was done by Luciano Santa Barbara (Foca). The illumination and rendering were done by Ricardo Bardal and Gilmar Moraes. The soundtrack was produced by Saxsofunny.