Actor Jason Priestley visited O2 Filmes in Vila Leopoldina on March 22 and was welcomed by Fernando Meirelles and producer Andrea Barata Ribeiro. He´s in Brazil for the premiere of the film ZOOM.

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ZOOM, a feature film by director Pedro Morelli, is an O2 Filmes co-production with the Canadian production company Rhombus Media, and it tells 3 interwoven stories. Emma (Alison Pill) is an illustrator who´s drawing a comic strip about a film director named Edward (Gael García Bernal), who in turn is directing a film about a model named Michelle (Mariana Ximenes), who´s writing a novel about Emma.

Jason Priestley plays Dale, Michelle’s jealous and possessive boyfriend who tries to convince her to abandon her novel.

During his visit, Jason posed in front of the ZOOM Canvas, on display at the entrance of O2 Headquarters in São Paulo.

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ZOOM will premiere on March 31.

Watch the trailer: