Assistant director Flávia Zanini and director of photography Adolpho Veloso talk to the website about the challenges in producing the new Sky campaign.

flávia zanini sky 2015

Assistant director Flávia Zanini

“The campaigns are thematic and this sharpens the imagination of our team,” – Flavia tells us. “This last campaign added the world of post-production. There were many doubts: What would an enchanted forest look like, how would we photograph it, and what would Gisele’s castle be like?”

adolpho veloso sky 2015

Director of photography Adolpho Veloso

“Once we received the scripts, we sought to create an interesting visual appearance, following the aesthetics of current fantasy films. That’s where the work of post-production came in, because these films have many post-production effects, some are almost entirely created in post-production, and we had to talk a lot about how to do the lighting, what textures to use and everything else that always goes into filming.” – Adolpho reveals.

storyboard sky hd

“We had to decide what would be built and what would be added afterward, whether we’d film with a double or whether the characters would be totally created in 3D and we’d just film plates,” – says Flávia

 sky a 4282

sky 0889

 sky a 4249

sky 1017

“There were 4 days of filming, 3 pre-lights and one day of rehearsal with the camera in which we marked the position of the camera, the lens, the foreground objects, and the cast of each scene. This rehearsal made the dailies with the celebrities much more productive,” – explains Flávia.

“The themes of the commercials allowed us to create a very nice visual aesthetic. We made it appear like a scene from a feature film, part of something greater, not just an isolated scene,” – Adolpho tells us.

Flávia sums up – “Nando’s creative process, the dedication to the script, the concepts of the characters, and the skill he shows in the cutting as well as the problem solving are always a great lesson.”