Curator of the iTunes Store, Fernando Meirelles lists films that are ‘off the beaten path’.

Brazilian filmmaker has chosen Blue is the Warmest Color, Her and Birdman.


4/26/2016 3:47 pm / Updated 4/26/2016 5:36 pm

Meirelles liked Cavi and Vidigal’s documentary – O Globo Agency / Leo Martins

RIO – Starting this Wednesday, April 28 the Brazilian film director Fernando Meirelles (City of God, The Constant Gardener, and Blindness), will become the first curator of iTunes content in the world, with the Fernando Meirelles Recommends section. And the premiere of the filmmaker in the Apple electronic store will be a list of 10 films that Meirelles terms ‘off the beaten path.”

The filmmaker’s curatorship is the result of a partnership between Apple and the distributor O2 Play. His list includes films like Blue is the Warmest Color, Her, Birdman, and Enemy. Over the coming weeks, Meirelles will offer thematic lists for the store’s clients.

Meirelles received an Oscar nomination for Best Director for the film City of God, which also won him the Brazilian Cinema Awards ‘Oscars’ in 2003 for Best Film and Best Director. He also received nominations for Best Director at the BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards for The Constant Gardener, as well as a nomination for the Palme d’Or for Blindness at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

The 10 Best ‘Off the Beaten Path’ Films by Fernando Meirelles.

The Great Beauty (2013)

Directed by Paolo Sorrentino, this feature film is a tragicomedy about the idle rich of Italy. It reminds one of Antonioni’s La Notte or Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. It’s not a story so much as a mood, a feeling. It’s a sensual, strange and sad film. It deals with love, sex, death, art and above all, Rome.

The film is a tragicomedy about a decadent Rome.

Her (2013)

This film deals with a machine’s ability to learn, but in an area that humans still believe they are unbeatable, feelings or the ability to love. Can machines feel? Disturbing because it’s a reality that’s closer than we think.

Her tells the story of a lonely man who falls in love with a computer.

Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

Surrounded by controversy, this film is pure nitroglycerine. If the storied girl of 15 who becomes involved with an older woman were part of a heterosexual couple, we’d be talking about pedophilia, and in terms of the long sex scenes, it would be seen as pornography. But no.

The film deals with a love story between an adolescent and an older woman.

Latitudes (2014)

This film depicts eight encounters between a photographer, Daniel de Oliveira, and a fashion editor, Alice Braga. These lovers don’t mix their personal lives with these encounters, which occur in hotels and airports around the world.

This film depicts eight encounters between a photographer and a fashion editor.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007)

This film is an adaptation of a biography written by a man who became paralyzed and could only blink one eye. A true story. But how can you possibly tell the story of a character who can neither move nor speak? Julian Schnabel has done it. Schnabel is one of our best living plastic artists and has already made several other films, all of them excellent.

This feature film tells the story of a man who could only blink one eye.

Birdman (2014)

A film intended to depict fame, ego, and above all, a certain cynicism which is characteristic of our times. This story could be about Michael Keaton himself, the actor who plays the ex-super hero Birdman. Just like his character in the film, he had his moment of glory playing Batman and never got it back.

Birdman tells the story of a decadent actor who tries to make a comeback.

Enemy (2014)

This adaptation of a story by Jose Saramago proves that it’s possible to make a great film with a minimal budget when you have a good script and a great actor. One day Adam (Jake Gyllenhaal) discovers that a man exactly like him exists. It’s as though he has a parallel life and he decides to enter it.

This feature film tells the story of a man who enters in conflict with a man who’s his exact copy.

The Thin Red Line (1998)

This marvelous film by Terrence Malick is on my list of the five best films I’ve ever seen. It’s an unusual film because it’s a war film that isn’t about war, but about what’s behind war.  It’s a film that tries to understand where evil comes from. Where the urge to destroy comes from.

This is a film about a group of soldiers who witness the horrors of war during the Second World War.

Boogie Nights (1997)

This is the second feature film by the brilliant Paul Thomas Anderson. Even though it tells the story of a well-endowed dishwasher who becomes a porn star, you could say this is a film about family. A family made up of the people who make these films. Fame, envy, sex and money are the common elements in film, and they’re all here.

This film tells the story of how a dishwasher became a porn star.

The Wave (2008)

Professor Wenger hears from his students that Germany will never make the same mistakes of the past given what people know today. So he organizes a kind of club that almost all his students join. Slowly the class understands that they’ve fallen into the same trap that brought the Nazis to power in Germany.

This film tells the story of a professor who simulates a fascist environment in his classroom.