Ivete Sangalo´s 360° Video is the Only Brazilian Entry among the 10 Most Watched

5/10/2016    Published at 12:38 pm

Released in December 2015 directly through Facebook, the video of “O Farol (The Light)” recorded in 360° reality, is one of the ten most popular videos on the platform. It´s been on the air for just five months, and it already has more than 18 million views.

This video allows viewers to navigate throughout a set that includes a beach, a breakfast table, a room and a nightclub at the same time, which is a first in this country. It has broken a 13 year drought for Ivete, whose last hit was “Festa (Party)”in 2002.

“O Farol (The Light)”is the only Brazilian entry in the top ten list of the most watched 360° videos in the platform. Among the others is a video that takes you through the universe of the Westeros, the kingdom of Game of Thrones, which totalled 5.3 million views within 24 hours of its release.

The most popular of the 360° videos on the social network is one that was made by the American website ABC News, which shows a snowfall in Times Square from January 23.

But it´s National Geographic that has the most videos on the 360° list with three entries: one is a helicopter tour that shows the Russian volcano Kylucheveskoy in eruption, another involves diving with bears in Kamchatka, and the third takes a tour of Victoria Falls on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Also appearing in the list are commercials for Deadpool and Zoolander 2, as well as others for the Barcelona and Liverpool soccer teams.

This technology, adopted by Facebook last September, allows you to choose the angle from which you wish to view scenes and also allows the viewer to move using the cursor to explore content from different perspectives.

The video for “O Farol (The Light)” by Ivete Sangalo was directed by Ricardo Laganaro and produced by the Outras Telas (Other Screens) Group at O2 Filmes.

Check out the clip here