Winner of the Jury Prize at the 2015 Raindance Film Festival for the short film “The House Job,” Filippo Capuzzi Lapietra was invited by this London based independent film festival to write and direct their trailer for the 2016 festival.


The trailer premiered on May 13 at an event that the Raindance Film Festival held in Cannes and will be shown in the London cinemas where the festival will take place next November.


Entitled “Discover. Be Discovered,” it pays homage to Steven Spielberg’s 70th birthday and recounts this cineaste’s journey and his awakening through cinematic narrative.


The film’s photography was directed by Bruno Tiezzi, the art was directed by Luiza Doria Kido, the production manager was Fernando Chiari, the sound editor was Alan Zilli, and it was written, directed and edited by Filippo Capuzzi Lapietra with contributions from his friend Déo Teixeira. The soundtrack was composed and orchestrated by José Antônio Almeida and Eduardo Amil, and Fernando Tiezzi was the assistant director. It was filmed in two days with support from O2.