Have you been following the innovations in Advertising presented at the Cannes Lions Awards? Virtual reality and 360° are coming on like gangbusters: there were two Grand Prix awards for the New York Times and its film “The Displaced” and a bronze for the film “Waves of Grace.” Here O2 Filmes has a group dedicated to innovation called Outras Telas (Other Screens), where we too produce innovative formats for advertising, including Virtual Reality and Interactivity.


Here are our latest projects:


EXPERIENCE: Museums, Exhibitions, Immersive Videos, Installations.


Click to learn more about the Museum of Tomorrow project in Rio de Janeiro:

VIRTUAL REALITY/360: Videoclips, Extra Content for Films, Animations.


Click to learn about our projects:


The First Day


Outras Telas (Other Screens) is so different that we asked our intern to make a video explaining what it is we do here. Click on the image to watch: 🙂


Whatever comes, if it’s already been invented or not, we’ll be watching:


INNOVATION AND THE FUTURE: Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Haptics.


So if you have a crazy idea, but don’t know how to execute it, contact us.

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