Imagine that the soccer player that you admired so much returned to your favorite team. Now imagine that this player was none other than Pelé and that he came back to wear the green and yellow of our national team. A far off dream? Perhaps not that far off. Thanks to Vivo, the Y&R agency and O2 Filmes, this dream became reality in a mega-production directed by Luciano Moura and Nando Olival.

Stimulated by the current atmosphere of the World Cup, Vivo decided to bring back the king of soccer, three time World Cup Champion for the Brazilian National Team, for one more challenge with just one objective, to realize Pelé’s dream of making his last career goal while playing for the national team. O2 Filmes was responsible for the most labor intensive part of the work but also the most pleasurable: to take this dream on paper and transform it into imagery. This mega-production required the work of the best professionals and the special participation of many other famous personalities from the world of soccer including ex-players, announcers, and sports commentators. The result was fantastic and topped off one of the largest advertising campaigns ever realized by a single company on the internet. For sure it wasn’t just Pelé’s dream that turned into reality. See this beautiful commercial here on the O2 site, and the ‘Making of’ video and still shots in the Behind the Scenes section.