An idea together with creative freedom creates collaboration between professionals who can think together about elaborating a script or planning a commercial or film. Unlike most work in the advertising industry, there are some works that require not just one person but an entire group to create the best ideas on paper as well as an engaged team eager to look for the best solutions.

A good example of this is the latest Vivo campaign produced by O2 which featured a heavyweight team from the outset. The script was written by the professionals at the Y&R agency and also featured the ideas of Nando Olival and Luciano Moura, directors of the campaign. Once the script was approved, a lot of intense work followed which required strong motivation from all of those involved in the project. The team knows when it’s an important work, but at the same time if there’s the freedom to create beyond what is written in the script, it makes it that much more pleasurable. Everyone, individually and together, tries to go beyond the obvious to obtain the best result possible. But no one can escape the unexpected, like the weather which can ruin a whole day of shooting depending on where it’s taking place, or problems with the cast, equipment or tight deadlines. There are innumerable unpredictable factors, and thus everyone has to remain alert with their eyes open observing what is happening around them. After the filming, the great challenge is the editing which requires hours slaving away in front of the editing machines as was the case in the Vivo campaign. At this point, collaboration between the directors, editors, and creative, soundtrack, and special effects specialists is essential. Everything is in the search for perfection, and beyond this, a result that can make everyone proud and can become a reference in the industry, and it is all based on a great idea. It’s like scoring an incredible goal like the king PelĂ©.