What’s perfect for you? To a son his father will always be perfect, despite all his defects. This type of admiration is very common. However, for a father, seeing his son be born, grow, and slowly turn into an adult like him, is a much greater emotion, and no words can describe such perfection.

The commercial “Surra (The Beating)”, directed by Nando Olival for the client Ita├║, shows a tennis match between father and son, and in the end it’s the son who gives the beating, but the father doesn’t feel defeated in any way. He feels much more pride in seeing his “kid” win, than disappointment in being defeated.

This work was created in association with the DPZ agency, and the soundtrack was done by Voicez. Ricardo Della Rosa was responsible for the direction of photography. Curiously enough, the father and son who appear in the film really are father and son in real life. O2 Filmes pays tribute to all fathers on their most important day.