What does it mean to be a teacher? When we are children, the teacher is a person who conveys confidence, wisdom, and intellectuality. Like a father to a son, a teacher becomes a role model. And in the same way, when we become adolescents, a teacher is viewed through a rebel’s eyes, even if there isn’t much reason for this. In college, a professor is like a friend, like those we give nicknames to, and invite to go out and talk about various subjects that can have nothing to do with what was discussed in class. Thus, whatever were the thousand and one facets of a teacher, we know that he or she put up with us for a long time, and is responsible for a good part of who we are today, and for this deserves our respect. Thinking of them and October 15, their deserved day of commemoration, O2 has selected the Honda commercial “Professor (Teacher)” to star in our Memories section. Directed by the director Gisele Barroco in 2000, the commercial was created by the DM9 agency and Claudio Leone was the director of photography. Congratulations to all teachers.