As we begin Carnival, O2 remembers the series Filhos do Carnaval (Sons of Carnival).

Sons of Carnival was produced by O2 for HBO. The series ran two seasons and featured seven 50 minute episodes. It was nominated for Best TV Film or Miniseries at the International Emmy Awards in 2006.

The episodes were directed by Cao Hamburguer, César Rodrigues, Flávio Tambeline and Luciano Moura, under the overall direction of Cao Hamburguer. The screenplays were written by Cao Hamburguer, Elena Soares, Melaine Dimantas and Anna Muylaerte. Sons of Carnival was aired throughout Latin America, the United States and Europe.

The series starred Enrique Diaz, Felipe Camargo, Felipe Martins, Jece Valadão (Substituted by actor Walmor Chagas in the second season after his death), Jorge Coutinho, Maria Manoella, Mariana Lima, Roberta Rodrigues, Rodrigo dos Santos and Thogun Teixeira.