The participants in the 2017 South by Southwest Festival, which will take place in Austin, Texas between March 10 and 16, will have the opportunity to have a unique, innovative, immersive, technological experience provided by Brazil.

The #BeBrasil Fulldome, which is being produced by the production company’s Outras Telas (Other Screens) Group and will be installed in Brush Square Park at the Austin Convention Center, will present images and information on Brazil in an immersive form, showcasing the most innovative and sustainable economic and cultural practices and technologies that the country has to offer.

The curator of the content will be Fernando Meirelles. The Fulldome will have five films in 360º, including the film produced for the entrance hall of the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro. Ricardo Laganaro will be the overall director of the films’ content and Alessandra Pelegrino will be the co-director, while Janaina Augustin will be the producer.

Fernando Meirelles says “SXSW is the most important and frenetic festival of content and innovation in the world. What we’re proposing for the Be Brasil Fulldome is a depressurized space, a pause in the bombardment of information that occurs there, where the visitor will be able to breathe and get to know Brazil better and at the same time take away important messages that the country has to offer: the value of our environmental heritage, the importance of economically sustainable practices, creativity, and determination in our constant search for innovation. In addition to putting the visitor in impressive locations throughout Brazil with a 360º projection, we’ll show innovative examples of sustainable agriculture and the film exhibited in the Museum of Tomorrow, which makes us reflect on the impact of human actions on our planet and our future.”